Swim-Ready Summer Conditioning Exercises & Tips

J.R. Rosania
May 17, 2017

Summer swim season is a great way to dive into strength-training exercises and enhance your physique. And when we combine the right summer conditioning exercises with proper nutrition, the sky is the limit.

Summer Conditioning 

When it comes to cardiovascular endeavors outside of the water, this is a great time to throw in 20 to 40 minutes of low-heart-rate cardio to amp up your body’s ability to burn fat. Try walking, jogging, hiking, biking or rowing – any cardio you can do and keep your heart rate in a low zone (about 70% of your max). This will burn fat as a primary fuel source. One to three times a week on your non-swimming days will move your metabolism into overdrive.

Summer Nutrition

Knowing how many calories you consume each day is important. Use an online Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator to determine the number of calories per day that are appropriate for your height and weight. Enter your height, weight, age and gender and the calculator will give you a baseline daily calorie goal.

Begin to eat 300 fewer calories daily, or less if you’re over that number, if you want to lean out. Every three to five days, eat extra calories by 300 to recharge your fat-burning capacity.

The combination of these strategies and the exercises outlined here will help you to lean out, shape up and make the most of your summer fitness.

For each exercise, do three sets of 15 reps. Do not max out or go to failure for any of them. Rest one minute between each.

Medicine Ball Push-Ups 

Using a medicine ball in one hand, perform push-ups. Switch hands and repeat on opposite side.

Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Sitting on stability ball with both feet planted firmly, raise dumbbell overhead and release behind head to work the triceps.

Stability Ball Leg Raise

While holding a stability ball between your feet, lay flat with arms at sides. Slowly lift the stability ball up 90 degrees and lower back to the floor.

Medicine Ball Crunch With Knee Lift

While lying on your back and holding medicine ball overhead, begin a forward abdominal crunch. Simultaneously, bring knees up with knees bent. Slowly lower together and repeat.

Stability Ball Shoulder Press

While sitting on a stability ball with feet firmly planted on the ground, perform alternating shoulder presses.

Medicine Ball Lunge With Twist

Holding a medicine ball at waist level, lunge forward on one leg. At the lowest position, twist the body to one side. Keep head facing forward. Return to the starting position and repeat with opposite leg.

Featured Athlete: Jacquie Allgire, 52, veterinarian and master’s triathlete.

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