No Purchase Necessary: Skip Black Friday & Head Outdoors

Liz Merritt
November 24, 2017

I love that REI, one of the most influential outdoor retailers in the world, closes its doors today and advocates we skip Black Friday altogether. The symbolism of that message speaks volumes about values that have, in my opinion, gotten completely out of control.

When I witness the commercial frenzy in all its ugliness this time of year, I just want to run away. I’d much rather go on a long hike, sit by the lake, pack a picnic, or head to the mountains. Do I buy gifts for my family? Yes, of course. But I do it mostly online and steer clear from crowded malls, big box stores and the melee that today represents.

Meaning of the Season

skip black friday

Have we lost our minds? Or have we simply lost sight of the meaning of the season?

Seriously, have we lost our minds? Or have we simply lost sight of the meaning of the season? Let’s carry all the gratitude that we expressed around the Thanksgiving dinner table yesterday into the season.

I’m advocating that those of us who prefer active lifestyles make this a no-purchase-necessary kind of day.

Shut down the technology. The best deals aren’t even had on Black Friday any longer with all the pre-sales and after-sales. Shoot for Cyber Monday instead.

Skip Black Friday & Opt Outside

Head outdoors and feel the sun on your face. Meditate in the grass. Snow outside? Enjoy the beauty and cuddle up with your favorite book and a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Heck, take a drive in the country and enjoy the sounds of holiday music on the radio. Bake cookies! Find a community organization that needs volunteers through the holiday season.

Just whatever you do, don’t shop today. If you do, chances are you’ll end up spending way more than you budgeted. We have so many better things to do that truly add value to our day and our lives.

Save your twitchy spending trigger for tomorrow and support your local merchants on Small Business Saturday. Hit the Farmer’s Markets and neighborhood shops and show them some love and support.

Carry Gratitude Forward

skip black friday

You can find me on Black Friday basking in the beauty of a desert hike.

As for me, I’ll be hiking in the beautiful Arizona desert.

I’ll watch the sun rise. I’ll perch my butt on a rock and watch as raptors dive for their breakfast.

And I’ll turn my face to the sun as I give thanks for all that energy, compliments of Mother Nature, absolutely free, no purchase necessary.

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