Time for a Seasonal Recharge

Laurie Bartek
November 15, 2016
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Wintertime, depending on where in the grand scheme of geography you live, may have you elated with glee or gloom.

I’m a Midwest, land-locked hopeful. The time to plant seeds is now. Germination in the cold, dark, sleepy soil of the soul has benefits. Now is the time to rejoice in the season and recharge your mind, body and soul.


recharge-in-the-seasonFinding respite within the confines of your home or office is important. It can come from experiences captured in a summer photo, a diffuser spilling out essential oils, listening to music while you work, a great writing, the scent from a holiday oven, memorable movies, card games of old, candles, comfort food, child’s pose on a yoga mat, a purr from your kitty or a wagging dog greeting you at the door. Maybe a moment of silence and prayer is your place of peace.

Smells can invoke long-lasting memories. The wafting of orange cinnamon rolls baking during a winter blizzard is a favorite of mine.

As Boomers, it’s okay to pick a goodie to munch on, and it’s important to balance that treat out with an expenditure of calories. The idea is to get out and move and seek balance in all activities.


Surrounding yourself with mini treasures seems to pique wellness. A brisk walk in the woods or the mall, if need be, works, too. If you live in a sunny winter climate, then the world is your oyster.

The list of activities is endless. See the beauty externally from our Mother Nature magician. See the creativity of the vendors while strolling through your favorite farmer’s market or flea market. Ideas can be born in any arena, which again can spur us to creative expenditure, bringing more internal satisfaction and perhaps movement.


Finally, a journal is a fine friend for a more in-depth release. Unleash your days’ profits in gratitude. When you do this, more gratitude will be shown to you.

What spurs your urge to stay healthy and happy? We all have a go-to favorite. Breathe and boom on, Boomers!

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