Reclaim Your Power in the New Year & Leave Baggage Behind

Liz Merritt
December 30, 2016
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I’ve made the decision to leave a few things behind this New Year’s eve and reclaim my power. I’m breaking rank with the vision board herd and venturing out in a new direction. I’m ready to do things differently.

This year, I will consciously let go of self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts, unhealthy patterns and empty excuses that hold me back. Instead, I will celebrate gratitude, live in the present moment, express self-confidence and show more compassion. People, not things, will inspire me.

Uncomplicating Life

Humans have perfected the art of complicating our lives to the point of complete paralysis. We numb out our worries with distractions and a continuous state of busy-ness that separates us from our happy places.

Reclaim Your Power

What habits will you leave behind in the New Year?

How many times have we told ourselves we’re too busy to [________]? You know the drill. We’re unconsciously filling our lives with so much noise and clutter that we can no longer see the bright ray of sunshine in the forest clearing up ahead. The unfortunate reality of all this is we end up putting more intention and energy into attracting exactly the opposite of what we actually want. It’s the mother of all snowball effects.

Take the First Step

How do we rid ourselves of the brain clutter that makes life so much more complicated than it has to be? I believe it’s a practice of mindfulness. It’s a state of consciousness that is so beautifully basic.

The first step is to elevate our awareness of environments and surroundings to determine how much of that white noise is driving our emotions. Think about how we feel when we’re stuck in traffic jams, or the guy in the next cubicle at work is arguing with his wife on the phone, or the dishes have been stacked up in the sink for days, or that bag of chips is calling your name.

Tension comes to mind. We allow these external influences to affect our emotional state when we would be better served by acknowledging, redirecting and letting go of anything we can’t change. I’m stuck in traffic. Great. I’ll listen to an audiobook. Guy on the phone in the next cubicle? Good news! He’s not your husband. Dirty dishes? In due time. Junk food? Grab an apple instead.

Battle of the Wills

Reclaim Your Power

Deep breathing is a quick, go-to grounding and regrouping tactic.

Whenever I feel my mind wandering off to places that I left behind in the old year, I will stop, take 10 deep breaths and redirect my thoughts to the things I know feed my mind, body and soul.

This is a quick, go-to grounding and regrouping tactic. You should try it. If the feeling persists, find 20 minutes to meditate and return your thoughts to your new habits.

It will take a lot of practice, as a battle of the wills erupts between old habits resisting change and new habits demanding control. At all costs, we must ensure our new habits win.

In honor of the New Year, I choose to leave behind self-sabotaging behavior, negative thoughts, empty excuses and procrastination. I invite you to join me in ushering out the habits you want to leave behind in the New Year. When we make this outward proclamation, we reclaim our power.

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