Don’t Let Cold and Flu Season Drag You Down

Laurie Bartek
November 28, 2016
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With gatherings of people sure to be amplified this holiday season, a back-to-basics approach to germ warfare may save the day in the battle against colds and flu.

Just the sound of the word “germs” can make your skin crawl. Unfortunately, that houseful of holiday visitors may arrive with their own suitcase of secret bugs.

The worst are – and parents please forgive me here – the wee ones. Wild and free, fast and furious, germs linger on these little peeps like magnets to steel. The small fry touch everything and taste everything and wipe it on everything. Yuck! While invisible for the most part, the hidden monster of ick can make us sicker than sick.

4 Simple Steps to Germ Warfare

There are those of us who are with strong immune systems who seem to ride out the cold and flu season without even a sneeze. Then there are those who circle the date on the calendars because every year on this day they get A, B, C, D or the whole alphabet of symptoms.

cold and flu season

The number 1 tip for staying well this cold and flu season is to wash your hands frequently.

Wash Your Hands

The easiest and quickest way to repel these air demons is to WASH YOUR HANDS. As a medical professional, it was suggested that the hand-washing routine last as long as it would take to sing Happy Birthday to yourself.

Cover Your Sneeze or Cough

Our high-flying flag of importance is sneezing and coughing, and learning how to do both correctly is key. Achoo!!!!

Rather than spray the universe with your droplets, kindly entrust the upper sleeve of your shirt to catch your drift. Turn your head sideways and expel your forceful air onto yourself. If a tissue or something disposable is handy, great, use that. Lastly, go wash your hands again.

Tap Into Good Nutrition & Energy

germ warfare

Reach for a tissue when the urge to sneeze or cough strikes.

Nutrition combined with a burst of energy in the great outdoors can do wonders for fighting colds and flu.

Our immune systems become combat strong with this powerful combo. Good feelings ooze into every cell as the intake of clean air and the expenditure of calories elicits a great defensive juju.

Drink More Water

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is our friend agua, as in liquid bounty, AKA water. You need to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces daily, not weekly. Throw in a lemon or lime wedge for even more benefit.

Put these practices to work now to help make your winter a breeze. We are interconnected ping-pong balls bumping into each other all day long. Let’s make it a healthy season of co-existence.

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