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If you’re a Baby Boomer, or have boarded that magical 50th birthday bus, then BOOMbaby is for you. BOOMbaby is dedicated to the active lifestyles, health, nutrition and vitality of the 50+ generation.

It’s a place where adventurous Baby Boomers go to share healthy aging news, triumphs, adventures, experiences, and more. We are determined to age healthfully as we carve out the second half of our lives.

Baby Boomers are a special breed. As we meander down the road toward senior citizenry, let’s put a stake in the heart of traditional definitions of “old age” and own our brilliance. There’s nothing stopping us from continuing to make a difference and to be heard. Let’s rise up, bust out of our ruts and resuscitate our once-irreverent selves. We are rocking this healthy aging thing unapologetically, living out each day with purpose and passion.

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– Liz Merritt, Founder, Publisher & Chief Boomer